Meeting Recap

As a follow-up to our meeting, we have asked for your help in spreading the word about the festival.  Below is a link to the promotional materials that can be used in your announcement times.  However, we are also available if you would prefer we come to speak to your body about the festival.


We are in need of many volunteers for this event, you can direct anyone interested to the following link or use the promotional material slide with the QR code which directs to the same signup.  Our hope is that more people in the valley experience the benefits of serving and we see that increase in our church bodies.


There is an opportunity for ministries within your church to have a booth for outreach during the event.  If you have a ministry and would like to have a space reserved for them you can fill out the application at the following link.  There will be no fee associated with a space for these ministries, however, they will need to be confirmed by that committee prior to a space being assigned.


Lastly, we want to ask for your prayers as we navigate and coordinate this inaugural year’s festival.  We thank you for your support and look forward to what God has in store for our community this year!


H2H Board